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how do i play?

TEN FAVE BOOKS!! no quality! Don’t be ashamed of the gay wizard trash! Or is that just me? Still not ashamed.

another book meme ten faves of no order in literary quality


Xanat tagged me and i will do memes if they’re book memes. it hurts to only pick ten

1. oh fuck this. I know I just read a book I was obsessed with (but not TML which is further down) but I forget! It had a white cover. My Real Children. And Among Others.
2. Live Sex Acts and Managed Heart (LSA for introducing me to hochschild and both for forming my ideas about my labour)
3. the magicians land.
4. The Doctrine of Labyrinths
5. Swann’s Way
6. Speak Memory
7. Team Human
8. The Lynburn Legacy
9. The sequel to those assassin books which comes out, gosh I think today?! only bc I’ve been thinking about it all month it’s not esp well written but then that’s not the list is it?
10. Hilary McKay and Like a Hole in the Head and Half-Blood Blues

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lil piggy tippy toes…………

I ended up just doodling Scully as practice all evening. Still trying to work out how to colour things. What even is colour?

I ended up just doodling Scully as practice all evening. Still trying to work out how to colour things. What even is colour?


The most dangerous thing society teaches boys and men, especially white boys and men, is that their emotions are objective logic and reason and that anyone who disagrees is being irrational.


wargasmmm replied to your post: “I wish I liked camming better because I am SO GOOD at sitting in bed…”:

you tried it??? i want to read about thisssss

No I got all set up &then just watching the forums made me want to die.

It just seems like stripping except WAY more work for WAY less money but the same douches and the same broke protesting jerks except without my physical presence and massages and attention to use as a persuasion.

plus just being on camera unclothed? I’m not about it. I did my handful of porns I do not want my unclothed image out there anymore.
Even just dancing in music videos, like put me in front of a camera and I get stiff and awkward and wooden.

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Bad Blood is also the source of the classic Scully retort re:why she doesn’t think it’s vampires, “Because they don’t exist?” Although you might be too early in the show for it to be that idk. OH it could be Eve which is great too!


trashcan-fire replied to your post: “Remember when I got shamed for being antipedo and then I had a melt…”:

is it possible to take all anti-pedo shaming as a compliment or


As soon as I get paid—well, I get paid too late to go to the comic store or the bank but after my date Wednesday I’m paying my debts and the bank and then spending $30 on swer catwoman comics. Possibly more if I can find out of print ones on eBay.

what else is there to do on this earth while I wait impatiently for fraction to bring me more pizzadog?

Also I will buy the domain the sex files after all and I WILL NOT cam but I will blog and have my wish list over there for guys who are too sensitive to be exposed to this.

This has been copyrighted me since November btw no swizzes.

I wish I liked camming better because I am SO GOOD at sitting in bed topless blogging about the x files

this-sharknado-loves-you replied to your post: “OH NO you guys, this-sharknado-loves-you are there two embarrassing…”:

There’s a boring vampire ep, Blood, and a GREAT Rashomon-but-hilarious vampire ep, Bad Blood

I think this is the latter cuz I have already been horrified by the former

Idk how he does it but Liam really does smell like an Oreo.

Or more precisely like that Oreo cookie crust you can buy for those mud pudding pies you put gummy worms in

here is a joke


what do you call a swer who hangs out w clients for free?

a fool

alternately: a portlander